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What is this group about?
This group is essentially for you to showcase your own comic project(s). You get your own folder in the group to separate your work from others and make it easier for readers to navigate.

What kind of comic is allowed?
Literally everything that comes in comic format! This group is not limited by genre or length of the comic. Fan-Comics to existing franchises are welcome, too!
You've got a comic to share? Just follow the rules below!

How can I join with my comic?
1. Join the group!
-> Just join as a member, your request is approved immediately

2. Submit your comic's cover to the featured folder.
-> Please note, that the featured folder is for cover showcase only!

3. Write a note to the group and ask for a folder.
-> We don't bite and will happily create a folder for your project! But bear in mind, that both group leaders are situated in Germany and mind possible time differences :)

4. Once you were notified of the creation of your folder you can submit your pages there immediately.
-> They're approved right away and can be viewed by the members immediately!

1. Featured Folder is for covers ONLY!
2. Comic pages belong into your own folder!
3. Fanarts do have their own folder!
4. Notify the group staff if your comic is PG-rated, so we can show that in the folder's title, too.
5. You have more than one comic? No problem, you can submit their covers to the featured folder and we'll create a new folder for each comic!

Gallery Folders

Fire Season -Front Cover by OoZepheroO
The Waterfall Cave - Chapter 1 - Cover by Floshee
DarkOath- Red Creek (Cover) by TabbyDerp
Tales of Aer - First Tale, Page 5 by TheMiles
Ace of Hearts
Ace of Hearts - Page 29 by Lurking-Leanne
Ace of Hearts - Page 21 by Lurking-Leanne
Ace of Hearts - Page 19 by Lurking-Leanne
Ace of Hearts - Page 9 by Lurking-Leanne
Africa -Page 109 by ARVEN92
Africa -Page 108 by ARVEN92
Africa -Page 107 by ARVEN92
Africa -Page 106 (With Q+A Video) by ARVEN92
Annalie: Brandy Morning (ENG) by KillerSandy
Annalie: Respect with Gun by KillerSandy
Annalie: Love at first sight (ENG) by KillerSandy
Annalie: Kiyazaki Oyasawa (ENG) by KillerSandy
A Cloud Blew Through
12 Let's Talk Hair by AshlingArt
11 The Meeting Point by AshlingArt
10 Lunch Break by AshlingArt
09 The Truth by AshlingArt
A Sled Dog Spirit
ASDS 015 by HeikeHowl
ASDS 014 by HeikeHowl
ASDS 013 by HeikeHowl
ASDS 012 by HeikeHowl
Atlas Heart
Atlas Heart [CH2-PG2] by Colonel-Motivation
Atlas Heart [CH1 - PG1] by Colonel-Motivation
Atlas Heart [CH1 - PG2] by Colonel-Motivation
Atlas Heart [CH1 - PG3] by Colonel-Motivation
Beginning of the End
The Beginning of the End Page 20 by NomadicNova
The Beginning of the End Page 19 by NomadicNova
The Beginning of the End Page 18 by NomadicNova
The Beginning of the End Page 17 by NomadicNova
Be reflected in my eyes
BRimE_Page134 by Aquene-lupetta
BRimE_Page 133 by Aquene-lupetta
BRimE_Special1, page1 by Aquene-lupetta
BRimE_Page 132 by Aquene-lupetta
Chakra -B.O.T.
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 302 by ARVEN92
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 301 by ARVEN92
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 300 by ARVEN92
Chakra -B.O.T. Page 299 by ARVEN92
Chinese Cutes
OC chapter 1 translated page 15 by EJtheDemonKid
Color Blind
Color Blind Page 351 by DruidTeeth
Cross -PG13-
Cross - Pg 60 by DragonessDeanna
Dark Oath
Dark Oath : The Fortress (Pg.2) by TabbyDerp
Deiterrium - Page 14 by Morraey
DEMON prologue page 1 inkings wip by InksplatterSenpai
Demon's Blood
DiRT CH.3 pg.112 by TheRockyCrowe
Dogstar: Chapter 5 - Page 8 by BVW
The Entity pg. 39 by ViStarkiller
The petal dance. by Hiorou
Eyes Of the Wind
Eyes Of Wind- Chapter One Cover by InksplatterSenpai
Fallacy - Pg.83 by Damatris
Fight Or Die
*Fight or Die* Chapter 2 Page 26 by LupusAvani
Fleeing Seekers
Forget Me Not
Forget Me Not - PG 76 by Croozie
From the Ashes
Game of the Cursed
Game of The Cursed Volume 1-2-90 by lunarxCloud
Giderah Issue 1 page 3 - 4 by Plaguedog
Sneak peak #22 - The pack (+ speedpainting) by WildEllie
Green Ground
Green Ground ' Whisper 1 ' Page 7 by Ithlini
HEARTLESS - Page 13 - EN by BK-Comics
Hellbound-Page 109 by PandaFlute
Hunted K1 P04 - english by RukiFox
Hybrids - page 8 by NathalieNova
Illusion Page 7 ENG (OLD) by ShizukaTW
Chapter 1 - Page 14 by Rangakai
IODINE - Page 15 by tatiilange
Kaiju Academy
Kaiju Academy-Mech Training by GreenRaptor15
Kalwa Ch 3 Pg 23-24 by GreenRaptor15
Katinka - Page 256 by JB-Pawstep
Land Before Me
Last Hope
Last hope eng 04 by RukiFox
Light Quest
LQ, page 30 by Katy500
Luas -PG-
Luas page 6 by Resilo-Atheric
Mack the Murse
My Way
My Way, Chapter 1, phage 6 by Drachenseele
New Kyoto
New Kyoto Battle for New Kyoto What we Give Part12 by PhilattheGame
Primal Hunt
Raptor, page 70 by ElenPanter

Mature Content

RELM 49 by HeikeHowl
Sagi no Kyanbasu
DEMON PrologueNamePreview :D by InksplatterSenpai
Samusa - Page 030 by Mirri
Scarhunter pg14 by Dalkur
Senjaya's Secrets
Chapter 1 - Page 4 by oODineOo
SIDonPARADISE studies and sketches: Sid by mrAlejoX
Simbol 60 English by Zoba22
Sister Sister
Sister Sister-Prologue-13 and 14 by CrystalCircle
Soldatenherz #2 Page 14 by Kommandant-Nazir
Skool Days
Skool Days - Vol.1 Chapter 3 (Flash Comic) by PreePhoenix
Soul's Journey
SJ - Chapter 2 Page 13 by SophiePf
Space Age
space age chapter 7 - page 26 by garrus368
Sparks pg25 by Henosit
Spirit of Assassin
SoA Chapter 1 - Page 14 by Gryndra
Super Judai-kun
Super Judai - kun Chapter 1 Page 13 by Valo-Son
Tales of Aer
Tales of Aer - First Tale, Page 58 by TheMiles
Travel Universe
Saphiras story 11 by wolffuchs
The curse of the sign
TCOTS part 35 by AhikuWolf
The Fated
The Fated Chapter 1 pag 11 by Fawrae
The Magic Medallion
TMM- Page 8 by Soyala-Silveryst
The Outcast
The Outcast page 102 by TorazTheNomad
The Prince of the Moonlight Stone

Mature Content

The Prince of the Moonlight Stone / page 88 by KillerSandy
The Spirit of Ethil
The spirit of Ethil P19 by Lunewen
The Wanderer
The Wanderer [ CH2-PG30 ] by Colonel-Motivation
.:Trigger:. Page 13 by lunarxCloud
Velox - Page 20 by danyhund
Voyage of the Azure Luck
23 by Aspire1988
[Wenthiee] Prologue- Page 3 by Evi1Wo1f
What There Upstairs
What There Upstairs Characters by MabayaNKR
when heaven becomes Hell
When heaven becomes HELL - Page 82 by LolaTheSaluki
Wild Heart
WH- Page 11 by Soyala-Silveryst
Wings -fin-
Wings-Page 171 [FINAL] by PandaFlute
Wolf Saga
Wolf Saga Prequel
Wolf Saga Sidestory
WolfSong: Ch1, UO :Page 18 by DragonDodo
Fan Art
Sketches of Rafael and eva by garrus368
... but I started spring cleaning our gallery today!

It looks all the same! What exactly happened?
:bulletred: There are several comics that haven't been updating since 2013 or even earlier. I contacted the artists and asked whether or not their folder was still important to them.
:bulletred: Comics that last updated in 2014 were not touched, as I know that updates might take a while.
:bulletred: I also found a few comics that had not submitted newer pages to the group and requested those.

Why was it done?
This group is in a dire need to get up to date again and we want to be a comic archive, that contains active comics.
As mean as it may sound, but dead comics are not a good contribution to that!

What is coming next?
I seriously don't know. I do havea few ideas, but I dare say that it will be difficult to get them going as I am short on time at the moment. But here's a short list of what might come in the future:
:bulletred: Monthly Comic Feature (still working out the criteria)
:bulletred: Interviews with comic creators
:bulletred: Comic Discussions (Story, Page Process, etc.)

If oyu have any more ideas, just tell us and we might get things started soon :)

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